“Whatever you do to the least of these…that you do to me.”

ICF Program Director Tana Helleksen may be heard using the word “y’all” and, at times, she may be “fixin’ to” do something.  Tana was born in Mankato but spent much of her childhood moving around the southern US with her family. As a matter of fact, she has lived in 10 of the 50 states!

When Tana was 10 years old, due to chronic heart disease, her grandpa spent quite a bit of time in the hospital.  Seeing the nurses deliver personal, loving care to her grumpy old grandpa inspired Tana to be a nurse.  Today, working at Harry Meyering, it is important to her to deliver that same personal, loving care; not only to the folks that she serves but to her team as well.

When not at the office, Tana can often be found in her kitchen, cooking or baking.  The three most important people in Tana’s life are her kids.  Now that they are all adults, Tana is enjoying time being their guiding friend. Tana’s faith is also important to her and she strives to live these words “Whatever you do to the least of these…that you do to me.”