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The Intermediate Care Facilities’ staff are supervised by their “home base” Apartment Coordinator. The NOC ICF staff are supervised by the Day/NOC Supervisor. The Apartment Coordinators and Day/NOC Supervisor are supervised by the ICF Program Manager/QIDP.

All staff are trained annually on the Vulnerable Adult and Maltreatment of Minors Laws and are mandated reporters of any suspected abuse or neglect. Each individual served has an Individual Abuse Prevention Plan and Self-Management Assessment that focuses on areas that the individual may be susceptible to abuse and how Harry Meyering plans to work with those risk areas to prevent abuse. Each location has a Program Abuse Prevention Plan that assesses each site in areas of Population Assessment, Physical Plant and Environment. If there are any identified areas of risk to individuals served, Harry Meyering addresses the preventative measures in this document. Staff are also trained annually in Therapeutic Relationships which teaches staff how to build professional relationships based on dignity and respect. The fourteen values that define Harry Meyering’s philosophy of service delivery also shapes the way staff approach their interactions with individuals served.

The main focus is for individuals to maintain connections. Staff encourage and assist with letter writing, phone calls and keeping track of family birthdays and special events. Frequency of family contact depends on how much contact the family is comfortable with. Harry Meyering staff sets up a strategy to ensure this plan.

Room and board costs are paid with a combination of Social Security, Medical Assistance and the individual’s wages.

Meetings can be held when as many members as possible are available. At a minimum, the team meeting must include the individual, the legal representative and the county case manager.

Most funds are managed by the QIDP/Program Manager or their designate. Those who are able to understand and manage money are encouraged to handle their personal funds. All individuals interact with their finances at some level with staff oversight, dependent on the individual’s level of functioning/understanding.

Harry Meyering has access to multiple wheelchair vans and regular vans that are used for transporting individuals.

Community recreational and social activities are at the discretion of each individual served. Harry Meyering employs an activities coordinator who plans and provides over 15 activities per month. Activities include game night, card making, scrap booking, movie night, craft club, exercise classes, art opportunities and live music performances. Activities are open to all individuals served by Harry Meyering. Staff provide information, encouragement and support when necessary. Client Activities

Development of structured programs and daily routines are based on formal assessment, individual needs, likes, dislikes and personal goals. Every effort is made to encourage choices and control to the individual, when it is safe and healthy to do so.

Programmatic decisions are made by the individual and his/her team. Programs are developed and implemented to train or increase skill levels. Procedures are in place to maintain skills. Outcomes are developed and implemented based on the desires of the individual.

Should an emergency arise, the phone system automatically forwards calls to the Building Charge.  There is also a 24 hour on-call system.

Harry Meyering staff must complete a series of orientation classes and in-services. Such training includes the vulnerable adults law, Harry Meyering policies and procedures, OSHA, health and safety issues, HIPAA, CPR and first aid. Staff also receive training specifically related to the individuals and unit with whom they will be working with. Staff also completes annual training. The number of training hours will depend on how many hours they work.

When hiring staff, we look for individuals who are compassionate, enthusiastic and motivated. A series of interviews take place, generally including one at the house/apartment so that individuals can voice an opinion. Before a person is hired, they must provide two references and undergo a background check.  Proof of a good driving record is also required.

With guardian permission, family members receive copies of progress documents. Families are encouraged to call the Location Coordinator with questions and concerns. Individuals served have no restrictions on phone use or visitors and staff encourage individuals served to solidify their family relationships with regular communication.

People served by Harry Meyering enjoy work and day services offered by MRCI, Lifeworks, Valley Enterprises and many other local employers. Providers that offer a wide variety of leisure activities are also resources for people served by Harry Meyering. Intermediate Care Facilities offers activities in-home for individuals who are retired.

The Intermediate Care Facility program is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Licensing occurs yearly and results of these reviews can be obtained by calling the Intermediate Care Facilities Program Director.

The Board of Directors is a policy making board and does not direct day-to-day operations. Careful attention is paid to board composition. Board members are from diverse backgrounds such as social services, education, legal and business. Board of Directors

Individuals served are encouraged to belong to the local “People First” chapter and “Aktion Club Theater”. Staff support this participation at the level necessary for each individual to be successful.

Harry Meyering has its philosophy based in the 14 values of the agency which guide the services, interactions and supports of the individuals served. These values include an emotionally and physically safe environment, respectful communication, choice and a home that reflects the interests, routines and personalities of those living there.

Harry Meyering was established by the local ARC and parents of children with mental retardation.  Parents involved with Harry Meyering’s development sought to provide their adult children with a residential alternative to a state institution. Harry Meyering is a not-for-profit organization serving the Mankato area since 1973. Harry Meyering provides the people they serve and their families with services that encourage dreams, focus on independence, foster community connections, help people cope with life-changing events and offer special attention to safety, health needs and security.

Semi-Independent Living Services and Supportive Living Services In-Home programs have numerous processes in place to audit the quality of the service.  Every individual we serve has a team of concerned people around them. This team includes the individual, legal representative, case manager, interested family members, vocational program staff and Harry Meyering staff. The team monitors the programmatic side of the service as well as individual satisfaction. Financial audits are completed regularly. Individual and Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys are completed bi-annually.