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Building meaningful experiences and fulfilled lives.

Community Residential Services (formerly Supportive Living Services) began with the purchase of Harry Meyering’s first home in the Mankato community in 1983. Individuals involved in the Community Residential Services live with two or three roommates in homes throughout the Mankato area. Services are designed to meet the individual’s unique needs and desires. All homes have 24-hour supervision.

The focus of services is the support necessary for people to be successful in the community. We are proud of the self-directed lives that people lead with the support of informal counseling and training in areas like money management, community access, relationships, leisure opportunities, home management and more. Individuals are given only the help they need to be successful and to realize their dreams.

Community Residential Services prides itself with having beautiful homes, 24/7 on-call for staff and individuals, a vehicle for each home and outstanding, committed staff. Nursing services are currently provided to increase quality of services.

For more information on Community Residential Services, contact

Jill Kinas Program Director
507-387-8281 ext. 273