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high school internship program

CARES (Community Advocates Ready and Engaged in Service)

Throughout this program, high school students will work with various departments at Harry Meyering. Under the direct supervision of the Community Connections Coordinator, students will get to shadow and work with various departments within the organization learning a wide array of skills and job types. These will include direct support, dietary, administration and finance and more. Students will get hands-on work experience under the guidance of trained program leads. This is a paid internship and students also earn school credit towards graduation.


Life Enrichment Internship

Interns will primarily participate in leisure and recreational activities with one specific site. Hours of service are generally Monday-Friday from 4-8 pm. Weekend hours of service are 12-8:00 pm. These hours may vary slightly depending on the schedule of the individual the volunteer is working with at Harry Meyering. Interns should plan on coming for at least two hours unless other arrangements have been made with the site supervisor. Examples of activities include assisting with a craft, reading, accompanying them on a community outing, preparing a recipe together, scrapbooking, painting finger nails or assisting with learning a new skill—math, money counting, reading etc.


Recreation and Leisure Internship

Interns will work with consumers in a club or group setting, socializing and assisting as needed. Examples of group activities include craft and painting clubs, game and Wii nights, karaoke, walks, card making and craft activities. Interns will also have opportunities to assist with monthly craft or themed parties. These parties usually are held on Saturdays from 11:30 am-3:30 pm. Week day opportunities are typically Monday-Friday from 6-8 pm. There are also a limited number of weekday morning activities from 9-11 am. Harry Meyering is always searching for volunteers to teach new skills and hobbies in a group or house setting.


Social Services Internship

Hours are flexible along with evening and/or weekend hours as needed. Responsibilities may include:

  • Participate in program assessment, development, analysis and evaluation.
  • Participation in committees and individual or organizational team meetings.
  • Network with resources outside of the agency.
  • Develop and support individuals in recreational and leisure opportunities.
  • Assist in analyzing and developing processes to increase efficiency.
  • Complete administrative duties related to the work of the Program Director and/or QIDP.
  • Create spreadsheets, tables and graphs to assist in identifying patterns of behaviors.


Healthy Lifestyle Internship

Hours are flexible with day, evening and weekend hours available. Responsibilities may include:

  • Plan and implement health and wellness programs (with supervision).
  • Research, develop and present written educational materials. Ideas might include developing questions on infection control to be used as Jeopardy or Family Feud or providing information on a new diagnosis.
  • Develop and participate in events related to needs of individuals served.
  • Develop and offer presentations on health and wellness topics applicable to needs of individuals served.  Examples can include hygiene, oral cares, preventive health care, etc.
  • Develop and implement health and wellness classes, training and activities to increase the knowledge, skills and overall health of staff and individuals served. Examples include healthy recipes and cooking, menu planning, fitness activities, exercising and life changes due to aging or illness.
  • Participate in meetings as appropriate including leadership, staff and teaming.
  • Complete tasks related to completing, updating and organizing health-related paperwork. Examples include filing paperwork, updating medical histories and completing audits.
  • Adapt physical or occupational therapy exercises into daily activities.
  • Develop and offer sensory activities and experiences. This could include hobbies such as gardening and sensory crafts.


Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Services Internship

Hours are Monday-Friday, days and evenings. Responsibilities may include:

  • Research the possibility of and mechanisms needed for institutional purchasing.
  • Complete food inventory.
  • Research and standardize healthy recipes.
  • Manage disaster plan requirements.
  • Develop strategies for enhancing safe and sanitary conditions.
  • Develop communication, interpersonal and professional skills in an employer-employee setting.
  • Apply educational techniques, methods, and materials to realistic situations.
  • Communicate with and observe the dietitian, when possible.
  • Develop workshop(s) for in-service credit.

Interns must be at least 18 years of age or have written parent/guardian approval. An orientation is required and background check and TB screening may be requested or necessary depending on the internship opportunity. Interns are responsible for their own transportation.

For more information on how to set up an internship at Harry Meyering please contact

Anna Olson Coordinator of Community Connections