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A quote from the sister of a man served at the Homestead ICF:
     "The Harry Meyering Center has been a quality facility for my brother. He has been a resident for the past seven years. His needs have been met consistently by the staff with care, compassion, and a personal interest in him as an individual.
     He is carefully watched medically. We have wonderful communication with the nursing staff.
     The staff has also made accommodations for him to have additional experiences such as summer camp, participation in family weddings, shopping, and his love of going out for coffee!
     My brother is living a rich, full life at HMC."

Harry Meyering Center has several openings in our
Homestead ICF at 109 Homestead Road, Mankato.

     Unfortunately, we have experienced the loss of two clients in the last month due to death.  HMC has an opening for a male and a female.

  • The apartment (#5) that has the opening for the female is an apartment for 4.  The average age range in the apartment is 60. There are no aggressive behaviors in this apartment.  The apartment is newly remodeled.
  • The other opening is in a double apartment (#1) with 6 other males.  The average age is 60.  The apartment has two living areas, kitchen, private bedrooms, and two bathrooms.  There is a spacious secure patio for warm weather months.
  • All areas are handicapped accessible. The facility also has a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub available to all who need it.
  • HMC has nurses on from 6:30 am to 11pm M-F and 6:30am to 8pm on weekends.  3 RNs and 2 LPNs make up the 192 hours per week of nursing.
  • This ICF serves a more elderly population with chronic illnesses, dementia and Alzheimers in addition to their primary diagnosis of developmental disabilities.  We have served a number of people recovering from various surgeries on a shorter term basis.  Due to the vulnerable population, we can’t serve individuals who are frequently aggressive or harmful to their roommates.
  • A number of the people who live here are retired so we are staffed to provide activities for those who are at home during the day.
For more information: call Emily Britz at 507-387-8281
or email ebritz@harrymeyeringcenter.org

Click here to view the March 2014 Policy and Procedure updates.

Employees: to view the complete policy and procedures manual log on to the employees only section of our website.


It is the mission of the
Harry Meyering Center, Inc.
to facilitate and support meaningful lifestyles
for the people we serve.

Supporting Successful Lifestyles


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Harry Meyering Center, Inc. provides residential services to adults with developmental disabilities.  Harry Meyering Center began serving people with mental retardation, Down's Syndrome and other related conditions in 1973.  Services have expanded to serve people with autism, TBI, physical handicaps, mental illness, Alzheimer's and other special needs.  Our support services provide independent living skills.  Flexible case management services are also available.

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