"Where we're going, we don't need roads."
-Doc Brown

Joel graduated summa cum laude from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2006. After teaching for a year, Joel came back to Harry Meyering, where he had worked throughout college. Joel joined Harry Meyering as a DSP. Since then, he has looked to increase his involvement and responsibility within the organization. In 2010, Joel became a House Coordinator and added another site to his supervision in 2013. His experience working direct care and having served on Harry Meyering’s Technology Committee made him well-suited to become IT/Admin Coordinator–now titled Systems Manager–in 2015. Joel views his role as supporting those that support others. Relying on his experience in the field and knowledge, he helps guide Harry Meyering forward from a technology standpoint. Joel enjoys exploring the potential of new technologies to help provide quality services to individuals.

In his spare time, Joel enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing a video game, or watching a good movie. During the spring and summer, Joel golfs and manages Harry Meyering’s softball team. You may also see Joel on the stage as he has had roles in community theater productions of Miracle on 34th Street, Tony n’Tina’s Wedding, and My Fair Lady.